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Julia Sanders

Author | Speaker | Journalism Graduate

Julia Sanders is a lover of words and witty puns. She received a B.A. in journalism with a Spanish minor at the University of Georgia. Over the years, she has written for local newspapers, online publications, and an Atlanta-based radio show. But her first love has always been creative fiction writing. 


When she’s not working or writing, Julia spends her time running, reading, buying more books than she needs, and fueling her caffeine addiction at local coffee shops. 

About the Author

Published Jan. 2023

Dying to Love (Jan. 2023)

When a party turns into a crime scene, will you be able to find the killer — before it’s too late?


The main character in Dying to Love, Sage Reynolds, is a crime reporter in Atlanta. When she goes to a party with her best friend, Ruby, the unthinkable happens: someone ends up dead. The cause of death is deemed a drug overdose by police but, for Sage, something isn’t adding up. 


Julia Sanders’ book Dying to Love explores the world of crime reporting and what it takes to follow a case of murders. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys strong female leads and puzzle-solving. In this page turner, readers can use their detective skills to uncover the clues alongside Sage as she seeks to find justice for the victims. 

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Buy your copy of "Dying to Love" now!

"Shocking, gripping, and will leave you guessing who did it right up until the end.”

 Christina Brown, Author of Therapy and Other Drugs 

Praise & Reviews

“Julia Sanders' Dying to Love sets up a juicy mystery and has readers suspicious of every character. It leaves you wondering what will happen next in each chapter!” 

Judy Liu, Author of The Vending Portal

"A page-turning debut with a great female lead!"

Vickie Adams, Author of The Source of Smoke

Upcoming Author Events

Conyers Book Festival on April 22, 2023

Sharpsburg Book Festival on August 26

Podcast appearance: Coming soon in August 2023


Thanks for visiting my site. I'm open to discussing my book and background as a writer on podcasts, author tours, book clubs, speaking engagements, and more. Please feel free to email me if you're interested in having me discuss my book. 

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